Saturday, 14 April 2012

Weekend in Wareham

We've just got back from an Easter break in Wareham Dorset. It's a lovely old Saxon town with some great shops the like of which I don't have locally at home.

Firstly the knitting shop run by a lovely lady who couldn't believe that I had to buy wool on the internet and didn't  take card payments because it's too modern.

I added to my stash.

Re-loved, an amazing shop full of amazing vintage things. It had everything in it, kitchen stuff, books, tools,  garden things and so much more. All the price tags were old jigsaw pieces which was a nice touch. I got lots of ideas of things to make or make over.

I added to my ladybirdbook collection
 and bought a pretty cup & saucer.

After all that shopping I needed a nice cup of tea and a sit down.

So,  last but not least Nellie Crumb, possibly the best cup of tea shop I've visited. An open fire,  fantastic cup of tea, great food and they serve London Pride as well as local beers.