Sunday, 4 August 2013

Medieval Nosegay

Today we visited the annual  Medieval Festival at Manor Farm in Ruislip. Manor Farm is a local heritage site where there once stood a Motte & Bailey fort. Nowadays it's home to craft work shops, farmers markets & craft markets.

I found the Adult Education table in the main Barn. Natalie, one of the floristry tutors asked me if I'd like to make a nosegay and never missing a opportunity to make something,  I had a go.

A nosegay is a small posy of flowers. In medieval times when they were carried or worn on lapels or around the head to mask unpleasant smells.

 I was given some lavender ,a small rose, an ivy leaf and some twine.

 Just had to arrange the flowers as  I liked and then tie the twine around them.

I love it when I get to take a make home from a trip out.