Monday, 18 November 2013

Duvet Cover

I've been busy decorating for a couple of months and haven't had much time for art & craft. This is a project that I completed before the decorating started. I'd been looking out for some new bedding since I was burgled last year and my bedroom was rummaged through.

As ever, I didn't want to spend too much money, and I struggled to find something that I liked. In the end, I decide to buy a plain bedding set, which I got in a sale, and then use some of the insurance money to buy some fabric to enhance it.

I got a top quilting tip from one of my favourite bloggers Frugal Queen to sew strips of fabric together.

Then cut across the strips to form squares. Much quicker & easier than sewing all the individual squares together. I then rejoined the strips to make the patchwork pattern.  

It took me quite a long time to centre the panel on the duvet cover. I had to move furniture to create enough floor space to lay the duvet cover. The cats kept trying to help .
I spray tacked the quilt section in place & then sewed it to the duvet cover. 
I trimmed the edge of the panel with navy blue ribbon.
I went for a simple gingham panel on each pillow case.
I trimmed I edge of the panel with the same ribbon I used on the duvet.
As usual I got a lot of help from the cats.
The finished project.
Brian has a well earned rest after all his help.