Friday, 21 March 2014

1st Steps in Quilting - Part 1

I have a small mountain of fabric off cuts left over from other sewing projects. Quilting seemed like a good idea to use up the fabric & make something to snuggle up with on a cold night.

I made a 5 inch square cardboard master template and from that a paper template which I used to cut the squares of fabric. As soon as I started to cut the squares I knew that wanted a rotary cutter & a cutting mat, but I was determined not to spend any money on this project so carried on with my paper pattern & scissors. 

I took pictures of the 9 squares as I cut them out to help me remember which order to sew them in.

The seams need to be pressed flat at the back as the squares are sewn together. I normally avoid ironing unless it's absolutely necessary, so I found this part of the process quite tricky.

My first finished square.

The 9 patch squares were cut into quarters to make the blocks.

After 2 Sunday afternoons of sewing I'd made 28 squares and I could see a quilt beginning to form. A few more Sunday afternoons and I should have a finished quilt.