Monday, 5 May 2014

1st Steps in Quilting - Part 2

A few more Sunday afternoons & I had enough square blocks to make my quilt.

I laid them out on the floor & Bea helped me to decide the final pattern.


I sewed the blocks into rows & labeled them, then sewed the rows together.

After a lot of sewing & ironing the quilt top was put together.

I taped it right side down to the kitchen floor & sprayed it with 505 temporary spray adhesive.

I sandwiched some wadding between the quilt top & the backing - an old duvet cover that I cut up. It's upside down to most of the advise on the internet but it work for me.

Everything was pinned in place before I removed the tape and lifted it all from the floor. To finish off I quilted the large blocks by sewing over the existing seams and then turned the edge of the backing over to form a border. 

My finished frugal  quilt. It cost me less than £7.50. I only bought the wadding and some thread. Everything else was from my fabric stash.  

Billy - doesn't help with the making but always approves of the finished item.