Sunday, 22 June 2014

At last - A nice cup of tea & a sit down in the Garden

I've spent so many Sunday mornings this year working in the garden and today I finally got to sit down, relax enjoy the results of all the work.

To start the year I took a couple of months to chop back the trees a bit at a time. They burst into life as soon as spring arrived.

The same for the vines, which now provide shade over the decking.

 Once the weather picked up & the rain went away, I spent a couple of weekends cleaning & sealing the decking. I've planted up the flower tubs & planted vegetables.

Last week end's job was to paint the little shed.

So finally, after an early trip out to get new car tyres, I finally got to spend a Sunday morning, just sitting & chilling in the garden. One of life's simple pleasures. 

Joined by Billy - a master of just chilling.