Sunday, 18 September 2011

Bunting for the Garden

This was fun project that only took an afternoon to complete.

The idea was to use up old pieces of fabric, but when I went to buy the webbing to attach the flags to, I found myself buying more fabric to add to the variety of patterns. 

 I made a triangle paper template based on the size of my Union Jack bunting. As the bunting would be viewed from both sides, I made the the flags double sided. I folded the fabric in half with the pattern facing outwards, pinned the template to the fabric and cut around it with pinking shears. 

I sewed along the long edges of the triangles to secure both sides of the flags together. 

Each flag was pinned to the middle line of the webbing. 

The flags were pinned a 6cm intervals along the webbing.

 I then folded the webbing over, re-pinned  and then machine sewed along the edges of the webbing.

The last job was to hang the bunting over the deck. 

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