Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Degus have Landed

When my ex husband is on holiday, we look after his pet degus.  They arrived  last week to stay with us.

 They arrived, however with no back to their holiday cage. This is not as much of a  problem as it would first appear as the cage is designed to sit against the wall so that they can't escape. This would work at my house, but they quite like nibbling wallpaper and I quite like  my wallpaper.
So,  I had to abandon my plans for nice cup of tea and a sit down that evening  and construct a back for the cage.  A trip  to  Wickes to buy 2 small sheets of hardboard and and then   work got underway.  I cut down the hard board to fit as best I could. There was a 4 inch gap in the middle which I bridged & braced it with some wood scraps from the garage. The job  was made  slightly more difficult as one of the degus had escaped and kept running over my feet whist  I was working.

I'm not  going  to win any awards for my wood working skills, and the back is attached to the sides of the cage by gaffer tape, but the boys are contained and my wallpaper is safe.

I'll hide here and dash in as
soon as the door opens.
They'll never notice. 

Just one or two other problems with the 
visitors that aren't so easy to fix................

I know they're in there.
 Just need work out how to open the door.

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