Thursday, 29 December 2011

A Crafty Family Christmas

Christmas, a time for friends & family, peace on earth and a good bit of art & craft. It's not just me who's been busy this Christmas, art & craft runs in the family.

My Mum & Auntie made Christmas cards. 

Mum's embroidered card
Auntie's hand painted card

 I made my own Christmas cards by stenciling onto plain cards.
 I used the spirograph that my sister bought me last Christmas to make gift tags.

 My daughter made large paper stars of various sizes  to decorate the school hall for the Christmas Carol concert.  

This star was over a meter tall 

She also made pin cushions for her Mum & Grandma. Great presents - just what we need for our sewing projects.

I made presents for my loved ones.

Lavender bags

Padded coat hangers for Mum & aunties

A cross stitch cushion for Mum

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