Friday, 20 January 2012

Marble Chunky Cardigan

Something amazing happened this week. I finished knitting a cardigan which my daughter is now wearing. That is quite an achievement for me I can't remember when I last knitted an item of clothing other that hats, scarves, mittens or socks. I think it was about 10 years ago.
Whilst on a theatre trip to Aylesbury last April, we had time to wonder around the market before the show started.  I came across a wonderful knitting stall Threadbare Yarns. They had some amazing yarns all displayed beautifully in baskets. I took a liking  to this Marble Chunky wool by James C Brett. My daughter flicked through the patterns and found a sleeveless cargidan that she liked.

I started knitting the next day. The wool was wonderful to knit with. Due to my other projects, like a true knitter, I kept putting this one down and going back to it. I finally finished the knitting and sewing up 9 months later. 

I was worried that I'd run out of wool before I finished. This was all that was left. I've never had a knitting project that was so close to running out of wool.  

The finishing touch was sewing on the lovely heart shaped wood  buttons which we found in the

The finished cardigan - which my daughter is too shy to model!