Saturday, 28 January 2012

Padded Coat Hangers

Another project from my quilting book. I wanted to make some padded coat hangers and decided to make them for my mum and aunties for Christmas.
I bought some plain coat hangers that were ideal to cover. 

I cut a piece of wadding the same width as the coat hanger and long enough to wrap around the hanger.

The wadding was secured in place with thread, sewing in the ends to secure.

I deceided to buy a bundle of Fat Quarters. I wasn't sure how much fabric I would need as the pattern was designed to use up scraps. The bundle had a quarters of a meter of each of 4 codinating fabric designs that had been pre-selected by the Fabric Warehouse.
Using the folds in the fabric as a guide, I cut each square in 2 and machined sewed 10 strips together in a random pattern.

The strip was folded in half lengthwise and the ends of the strip machine sewed together. I had to make a small hole in the middle seam for the hanger to go through and put the fabric strip over  the padded hander. The open edge was then tucked in and sewed by hand to close.
 A fabric flower on the font to disguise & secure the hole that the metal hanger poked through.

A made with love message to finish off.

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  1. Finally a simple pattern with easy to follow piccies, thank you !:-) can't wait to try them x