Monday, 22 July 2013

Frugal Shopping - restocking the store cupboard

My shopping habits have changed over the past few years. 

I rarely shop at Tesco now although I might if they send me a voucher. I had one that I needed to use up today - save £6 if you spend over £40. I don't always use these as they are tempting me in to spend more of my hard earned cash than I've budgeted for.
But as the store cupboard was running low, this voucher was a great way to save & restock. I walked around the store with a calculator adding up the items in my basket until I just hit the £40, and only bought things from my store cupboard shopping list.

 Bea was very happy that her favourite cat food was on special offer. She's allergic to some cat foods and has IBS - all stress related problems of being a rescue cat.
 I buy lots of Everyday Value things these days. I bought washing power, dishwasher tablets, kitchen roll & bubble bath to store away.

Cans of beans, cans of fruit and packets of stuffing that will be made into curries, chilies & burgers. I've calculated that I have enough here to make the basis of about 20-25 or more meals.
All this for £34 pounds. There was a time when £34 would have been a mid week shop for a few bits & bobs. I've got enough here, along with my store of pasta & noodles to feed me for weeks not just days. I just need to add the fresh veg which I'm either growing or I'll buy in Aldi.