Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Doctor Who Party

My daughter wanted a Doctor Who themed 16th Birthday Party. 

We got lots of ideas from the internet and added a few of our own.
We love decorating the house for parties & celebrations.
My daughter made some themed invitations. She also wrote a Doctor Who themed murder mystery game.
I made some bunting featuring a picture of each doctor on each flag and another set with monsters & characters on it.
 My daughter made some themed paper chains.
From 2 scraps of wallpaper, I made a message to Sally Sparrow from the the Doctor from Series 3 episode 10 -  'Blink'.
The Crack in Time from Series 5 was made from black paper and stuck to the wall.

We hung the planets from a solar system mobile from the ceiling lights together with a paper model  TARDIS. 
We put up lots of 'Vote Saxon' posters & I even graffiti-ed my own house by painting 'Bad Wolf' on a window.
Some Gallifreyan wall art.
Black boxes from the Series 7 episode 'Power of 3'.
We ordered in a take-away for the main meal, but made a few snacks. Using icing sugar, I stuck small marshmallow arms & legs to larger marshmallow bodies to make Adipose from.Series 4 episode 1 -  'Partners in Crime'.
I used black writing icing to draw in the faces.

A few jars of Jelly Babies - a favourite of the 4th Doctor, guarded by my knitted Adipose.
A plate or two of Jammie Dodgers - a favourite of the 11th Doctor.

I usually cheat with the birthday cake as I run out of time. I bought a basic birthday cake from the supermarket and recovered it with swirly blue butter icing to represent a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey... stuff. We bought some themed cake toppers for the fairy cakes & the sides of the main cake. I wasn't clever enough to make an edible TARDIS that I'd seen on similar cakes so I crashed a model one into it.

An old Fridge Freezer box was turned into a TARDIS. We painted it blue and then stuck on the windows, panels & signs.
And last but not least - the TARDIS dress.