Sunday, 12 January 2014

TARDIS & 221b Felt Christmas Tree Decorations

This Christmas my tree was decorated with decorations that I'd made. I wanted to make some geeky things but didn't have time before Christmas. I made these in between Christmas & New Year when I had the time to sit and enjoy some relaxed craft time.
I found a TARDIS template online & cut out 3 TARDIS shapes from blue felt.
 I cut the window & panels out from one of the felt shapes.
White felt was sewn behind the window & call box information panel &  I embroidered on the lines for the window panes & a few lines for the writing on the panel. Next I put one of the other felt TARDIS shapes behind the first & sewed around the edge of the panels to enhance the 3D effect.  
 I embroidered 'POLICE BOX' on a strip of black felt & sewed to the top of the TARDIS.   
A piece of ribbon was attached to the back  to make the hanger & I added a bead to the front for the light on top of the TARDIS. The last job was to sew the 3rd piece of felt to the back, & it was ready to hang on the tree.

My daughter is a huge fan of Sherlock.

 Using the same basic template, I went on to make the door of 221b Baker Street to celebrate the return of Sherlock on New Year's Day.
I cut the panels in the style of Sherlocks door, embroidered the 221b & door knocker in gold thread & added a gold ribbon letter box.