Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Beany wraps & burgers - cook once eat 12 times

I had a very productive Sunday morning in the kitchen. Part of my frugal drive is to have home cooked meals in the freezer that I can come home to after work. 

From all these ingredients I made 12 dinners.

First I made spicy bean wraps

Aldi 8 plain Tortillas 79p
3 peppers £1.20
1 onion 8p
1 tin of Aldi chopped tomatoes 31p
1 tin of Tesco Taco beans 55p

 That's a total of £2.93 or 37p per bean wrap. 2 wraps & salad is filling, tasty and about £1 a meal.

I chopped the onion & slices the peppers and 'fried' them in some stock. Once they were softened, I added the tomatoes & taco beans and simmered for about 15 minutes to reduce the sauce. 
Whilst it was cooking I made some of Frugal Queen's Beany Burgers. The mix made 16 burgers, that's 8 dinners for to freeze.

Once the taco bean mix was ready it was spooned into the tortillas and wrapped them up.

So after an hour or so in the kitchen I'd got 12 dinners made, mostly from frugal store cupboard ingredients.