Friday, 1 May 2015

Tidy Workshop - Tidy Mind

I had to have some building work done to the garage at the end of last year due to a crack in the wall. The garage was in a bit if a mess to start with and I only got 24 notice to clear things out of the way before the work started. Stuff just got dumped into boxes & stored wherever I could find space. Sorting it out is one of my targets for 2015. The plan, as usual, is to be as frugal as possible.

Thanks to a top tip-off from my favourite blogger Frugal Queen, I bought some wall planters from B&M for £1.50 each. Great for the dust pan & brush and garden things that used to kick around on the work bench.  

 I used some of the wood that I saved from my daughter's old bed to enhance the shelving.

I made a board to start with to attach a tool rack to & hang things on.

I made the rack - it was rubbish. I made another tool rack a few years ago which was also rubbish. (So rubbish in fact that the builders didn't recognise it as my hand crafted tool rack & threw it in the skip.)  I still can't find my jigsaw so made the holes by drilling & chiseling. A coat of paint hid the rubbishness a bit.

The tools I use the most are ready to go. My saws are stored on the back.

I treated myself to some new workshop pencils (£3.99 from Screwfix). I had a bird feeder kicking around, which I converted to a pencil pot. No more hunting around for a pencil.

This old in-tray was under my bed for years with old paperwork in it. It then sat in the utility room for a year or so with a different set of old paper work in. I liberated it from the paperwork & removed the front panel.

Perfect for storing sandpaper. I had several packets lying around. Now it's all in one place & easy to find.

An old bookcase from my daughter's room has become a shelf unit.

Spirit levels have been hung up & the drills have an official home & charging point. I'm loving getting it all organised.

Now I just have to sort this lot out ........