Monday, 13 April 2015

Frosted Glass Film on the Bathroom Window

When the house was extended about 20 years ago, we made a bit of a boo-boo with the bathroom window & put in a clear not frosted one. We didn't actually notice until the work was finished & we started using the room. It was added to the list of things to sort out one day.

2015 is my year to sort these jobs out as frugally as possible. I found some frosted glass film on e-bay for £7.99. It comes with a paper backing. I cut it slightly larger than the window. 

I'd cleaned the widow to within an inch of its life the day before. I cleaned it again with a slip of washing up liquid & water. I sprayed the window again, peeled off the backing & positioned the film. The kit came with a squeegee to smooth the film down.

Once it was as air bubble free as I could get it, I trimmed the edges with a sharp knife & a straight edge. It was rather like hanging wallpaper, a skill which my Dad trained me in at a very young age.

All done and other job crossed off the list.