Monday, 30 March 2015

Make Do & Mend - the Laundry Basket

I hate throwing things away and will always try to fix something to get a bit more life out of it.
The laundry basket lid was showing the signs of its age, not helped by that fact that my youngest cat Brian liked to chew it & run off with bits he'd broken off.

I decided to recover the lid to stop any more bits disappearing. I drew round the lid onto some calico.

Cut it out & sewed it onto the lid. The sewing was a bit tough as I couldn't always find a gap in the basket weave to put the needle though.

It took me several evenings of sewing to complete.

A similar basket in B&M was priced at £14.99. I spent about 70p and the basket is maybe not as good as new, but has a few more years left.