Sunday, 22 February 2015

2015 - The year to get things sorted

I'm not really into New Year resolutions but I have decided that 2015 would be the year to sort out stuff that I've been putting off.

First thing to tackle was the mortgage. I've been paying it on my own for 7 years, but it's still in joint name with my Ex. How much work is it to apply for a mortgage these days? After what seemed like a lifetime on the phone I've had an offer and the application is in process. I'd put off re-mortgaging because I thought there would be all sorts of expenses.

 As it turned out I've stuck with my bank that the current mortgage is with and I've got no set up fees & no survey fees. I've also managed to knock a year of the repayment terms. The only expense that I'll have is the legal bit, but that does mean that I can get his name off the deeds. Over all, a little expense and a great deal of peace of mind.

Next was a new carpet & bed for my daughter's bedroom. I decorated the room a couple of years ago but had to stick with the existing furnishing. I bought a room sized piece of carpet that worked out cheaper than buying off the roll.

I saved all the fixings from her old bed to use for something else. My Ex took the wood from the bed to make shelves for his shed so we recycled as much as we could.

2 bags of gravel for the front garden. I say garden but it's just a car park really with a couple of shrubs. It had become a muddy mess and the new gravel was overdue & has tidied it up nicely. 

 I've been debt free for over a year now. It's such a good feeling to able to tackle some of these jobs. What a difference to be in control of the money rather than the money being in control of me. 
Next job - tidy up the downstairs loo. I've set myself a completion target of next Christmas. Gently & frugally does it.