Sunday, 20 March 2016

I'm Back Online

I had interment problems with my phone line & internet that started at the beginning of December. By the New Year, it had just about given up completely. I swapped suppliers & have been back online for a couple of weeks. So 2016 got off to a slow start. With no internet, I had more time to sit & crochet. I spent cold, dark evenings working on my Attic 24 Coast Ripple Blanket. I hope to finish it by Easter. 

  I'm being careful with money at the moment. I haven't started any major DIY projects, but have done a few make-do-and-mend ones.

This lampshade broke a while ago. The shade part kept falling out of the fixing. I ran some stitches around it screwed it back together & it's holding together nicely.

 I fixed a broken picture frame with a piece of ribbon.

I've made a draught excluder for the front door and started making a curtain for the back door. Hopefully it'll keep a bit more heat in.

And finally, I organised my wool colours as inspired by Lucy on Attic 24.