Sunday, 19 June 2016

10 minute to do jar

So many people will tell you to make a list to get organized. I love a list. I make them all the time. Sometimes it takes me longer to make a list than it does to do the jobs. Usually, whilst I'm doing one job, I'm worry that another one isn't getting done. It can be counter-productive.

So I've created a 10 minute to do jar. It's a lucky dip of jobs that I normally put off, like filing the bank statements & throwing out old magazines. 

 When I find a free 10 minutes, I pick out a task. The rules are that no job should take more than 10 minutes. I have to do that task unless it's the same as the previous 2 tasks.

The jar sits in the living room in full view, so I have no excuse not to use it. So far it's working really well & I feel much more on top of all those boring tasks that I put off doing.