Sunday, 21 August 2016

Upcycled Glass Display Cabinet

Now I love a cup of tea and I have quite a collection of teapots. I searched the second hand shops for something to house them and found a 1980's mirror backed glass cabinet in a local charity shop for £25.

It sat in the garage for ages as I didn't fancy sanding it down with all that glass. I tried using varnish stripper but that would still need sanding. Then, a fellow blogger introduced me to chalk paint powder. 

Mixed with emulsion paint it makes chalk paint so no need to strip the wood.

It took a few coats to cover the dark wood.

Since I've cleared out the shed, I can use the work bench, and I can keep away from the cats trying to help me.

I stenciled on a few flowers to match another up-cycled cupboard in the room.

I found the glass in the back of the cabinet a bit too much, so I put a frosted film over it.

Finished and full of teapots.