Monday, 10 October 2016

5 Frugal Things

Two of my favorite bloggers have inspired me this month. Frugal Queen is having a No Spend October and Skint Dad is having a 'reduce your supermarket spend and use up what's in the store cupboard' challenge. 
So to quote Frugal Queen I am 'rebooting my inner frugal. 

1 - I started the month by switching energy supplier and cancelling my Sky TV contract - something I should have done ages ago.

2 - I've reduced my supermarket spend by buying mainly just fresh fruit and veg and using up what's in the cupboard and freezer.

3 - I've bulk cooked soup and curry. It's been frozen to add to the month's food supply.


4 - Although I'm trying not to spend on extras this month there are a few things I need for maintenance jobs. New fence panel capping £1.70 each, but will prolong the life of the fence. A new threshold for the shed. £3.50 from the local wood yard and well worth the money to keep all the winter weather blowing into the shed through the gap under the door.

 5 -  I rescued some old school desks that were going to be dumped. They will be made over and used as a work bench in the shed.

Let's hope I can keep up the good work until the end of the month.