Sunday, 11 December 2016

Patchwork Door Curtain

This is a project that I started last winter & finished this winter. I have quite a stash of fabric left over from various projects.

 In an attempt to help reduce my every increasing fuel bill I made a patch work curtain for the back door. I don't use the door during the winter months so I made a static curtain with tabs which were just pinned up last year.

I cut out rectangles of fabric the width of my quilting ruler. I didn't want to do anything too fussy.

I had some left over wadding but had to buy 1 meter which cost about £2. For its first winter I pinned it up as it was. This year I have backed it & edged it with an old duvet cover. I bought some poppers to fasten the curtain tabs. They cost me 79p.

It's been difficult to get the final picture with the light shining through bit here it is. It's hung from an old shower curtain rail which is covered in a scrap of pipe insulation. It cost me less than £3 and keeps a surprising amount of cold out and heat in.