Sunday, 18 June 2017

The Birth of My She Shed

There is a brick built shed at the bottom of the garden. It used to be very much the domain of my ex, but over the years, like a lot of sheds, it got piled up with all sorts of stuff. 2 years ago you could only just open the door. 

All that changed last summer and I cleared it out, dumped what I didn't need, and stored in the garage what I might need or wanted to keep. I dismantled the old work bench but kept all the materials to reuse. Inspired by George Clarke's Amazing Spaces and Shed of the Year programmes I set out to create a She Shed which could be my craft haven.

On August bank holiday the make over began. I had no budget so could only use what I had stored away in the garage. The walls were painted different colours and the the wooden ceiling was painted blue & grey strips, inspired by beach huts.

I whitewashed & vanished the shelves, but the finish was really rough. I bought some glittery PVC to cover them with.

The kitchen cupboards came from my sister's old kitchen and had previously been in the shed. They had a good clean and a new coat of paint. The pinboard was a corkboard that a friend gave me, covered in an offcut of my favourite fabric in the stash.

The sides of the cupboards were really tatty. I covered them with sticky back plastic which cost £4.

 I rescued these old school desks which had been used in a local am dram and were heading for the skip. The need a bit of TLC but will eventually act as a work bench.

These shelves were made from the the base of my daughter's old bed and are home to my dolls houses.

A few favourite pictures on the wall and it's beginning to take shape.