Monday, 28 December 2015

Bathroom Makeover - Part 1

The room in my house referred to as the 'downstairs bathroom' doesn't actually have a bath or shower in it. It's on 2015 hit list. It was originally the kitchen, was briefly a utility room and then started its life as a bathroom.

It never got finished and a few years ago, a leaking toilet meant that I have to have the toilet & bath taken out & and an off-the-shelf toilet & sink put in. It was the first time that I'd employed a plumber. I was never happy with the work but have been living with for about 5 years.

For the last few years it's been Top Gear & Stig themed, complete with a Cool Wall,  which I did for a laugh as I was fed up with the state the room was in. Due to the demise of Top Gear as we know it was time for a change. 

I found an old roll of the wallpaper in the garage so I papered over the 'Some say...'. I've saved money by using vouchers that I can buy through work. I bought some MDF panels from Wickes to cover the wall that really needed to be re-plastered where the bath had been. I bought new skirting board from the local wood yard. They cut it to the right length for me & I only paid for what I needed. 

Some new wallpaper, bought with vouchers, to cover the slogans on the wall.

The wall above the door had been bare brick with a big gap since the door was installed. I boxed it in using bit's of spare MDF & wood. The wallpaper covers over my rather messy DIY.

I'm going to build a cupboard to box in the piping & stop cock.

The waste pipe also needs boxing in.

This will have to wait until 2016 due to recent car repair & cat repair bills.

Watch this space.......